DevOps has won against ITIL (at least on Google Search)

​The venerable ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) has been the de-facto standard for operating corporate IT for well over a decade now. It has come to symbolize "Mode 1" IT, with its well-organized but occasionally heavy-handed process framework.

In 2010, along came the term "DevOps", which is now closely associated with "Mode 2" IT - agile teams, automation and speed of delivery. For sure, DevOps isn't an IT service management framework, so it's an unfair comparison. But enterprise needs are changing; digital transformation captures more mindshare than outsourcing of commodity IT, and arguably SaaS and cloud infrastructure make management of IT assets less of an issue than it was 5 years ago.

Interesting to note, therefore, that "devops" has surpassed "itil" as a search term on Google as of mid-2018:

Image: Google Trends